Soho is known for its abundance of artisan coffee shops and bakeries and we have whittled it down to our favourite 5. When in Soho…

  1. THE DEPARTMENT OF COFFEE AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS Individually sourced bean batches from Ethopia, Colombia and Kenya? Check. Hand roasted in London? Check? Witty slogans chalk-boarded on to the wall that aren’t naff? Unbelievably, check. Yep, if you want a chill atmosphere and a cracking cuppa Joe just a stone’s throw from Covent Garden, then this is the place for you. OH, and they give you free Nespresso pods too. We took two.

Where: 19 Slingsby Place, St. Martins Courtyard, WC2

Best for: The ultra-smooth fancy schmantzy vegan latte with almond milk.

CaptureCapture 1


Yeah, we know. Yawn. It’s just Pret. Everyone goes to Pret. But this is a veggie one (the UK’s first!) and that is validation enough for a guilt free trip to hunker down with the company’s uber-comforting coconut milk mocha.

Where: 35 Broadwick Street, London W1F 0DH

Best for: the vegan brownie…a.k.a goey chocolate comfort food. The ultimate bad day pick me up. Gimme!


Pret Brownie
Image credit: Amie Page



A company not only dedicated to saving animals, this rustic café with jungle inspired décor, offers rich coffee and must try, mouth-watering vegan cakes. Perfect for anyone who wants to try the inescapable vegan diet- even for a few hours. Plus, you get to choose a safari animal instead of a table number, need I say more?

Where: 52 Rupert street, Soho, W1D 6DS

Best for: A gift granted from the chocolate gods: a cheesecake inspired vegan chocolate cake. Warning: you may need more than one piece.

Capture 3Capture 4


If you value coffee over anything else, this is the place for you. Sister to the well-known Milk Bar, Flat White offers, well, really good flat whites. This place’s simple, but brilliant coffee filled menu will help you satisfy those pesky caffeine cravings, keeping you awake for that meeting.

Where: 17 Berwick Street,  W1F 0PT

Best for: Transitioning from pre-coffee monster to post-coffee hot shot.


Capture 5
Image credit: @coffee
Capture 6
Image credit: @coffee500cc
Capture 7
Image credit: @twfancyalatte



Okay this might not be known for its coffee, and although the coffee is good, we all know this THE PLACE to buy doughnuts. It is a crime if you visit Soho and don’t take a trip to Crosstown-just think of the doughnuts!

Where: 4 Broadwick street, Soho, W1F 0DA

Best for: Hearty, homily doughnuts (that remind us of our mum’s cooking) especially the Crosstown classic: Cinnamon scroll.

Capture 8Capture 9Capture 10

Image- Doughnut
Image credit: Amie Page






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