Marking ten years since its concoction, The Ragged Priest opens the doors at its first standalone retail store. Setting up shop on Carnaby Street’s Newbury Quarter, the store can be found at 8 Ganton Street.

Whilst starting out as a Ebay store run from Essex, the Ragged Priest has since gathered a cult following. The label has a long established online presence with its own online store, as well as being stocked on well-known e-commerce websites such as ASOS, alongside a successful Topshop concession.


Much loved for its 90s infused, grunge aesthetic, the label takes inspiration from streetwear. A characteristic which makes the brand a perfect fit for Soho, explains Ragged Priest owner, James Cutmore. “We felt the brand adjacencies surrounding were relevant for us, plus we have a showroom below the shop that we wanted centrally,” says Cutmore. “As we deal a lot with Topshop and Urban Outfitters, who are based just down the road. We are also able to support our Topshop concession in Oxford Street from the store.”


Set amongst fellow independent labels such Lazy Oaf and Cheap Monday, the proximity of Soho made it the perfect choice for the first Ragged Priest store in the UK. But what in particular sets it apart from other shopping districts in London? “Probably the closeness to Oxford Street helps, as tourism is huge,” says Cutmore. “The brand mix also has a pretty international feel, and the area in general has a nice safe feel about it.”



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